Exhibition at BBK Gallery, Ulm, Germany, 2010

“Kommunikation via Symbol” took place in Ulm during September 2010 within the framework of Danube Festival. The workshop and ensuing exhibition, conducted by Urtica, were organised by Bundesverband Bildender Kunstler (BBK) Ulm with the support of Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA).

This was an opportunity to test "communication and creation track" of collaborative platform hoopup.net which was in the production phase at that time.

Participants: Reiner Schlecker, Christoph Nasfeter, Gabriela Nasfeter, Frank Langenfeld, Jaremie Otternbach, Gisela Roeper, Jutta Eisenbeiss, Renate Reiner.

Special thanks: Vesna Kovacic, Reiner Schlecker, Gabriela Nasfeter

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