HoopUp - Terms & Conditions

Word of HoopUp Creators

HoopUp is an authored artistic project which consists of website, original educational-research methodology, online and real-space workshops. Please note that HoopUp website is an artistic-educational-research tool which needs your intellectual inputs to function. All uploaded content will be attributed to the respective authors and used only in promotional and research purposes within the framework of HoopUp project. None of your inputs will be used for commercial purposes.

HoopUp project is created and owned by Violeta Vojvodić-Balaž and Eduard Balaž members of Urtica art and media research group. In the following text Violeta Vojvodić-Balaž and Eduard Balaž are referred as HoopUp Creators.

Terms of Use

By signing up, using or browsing HoopUp website, you accept and agree to be bound by following terms of use:

  • You may not upload any content that violates any third party's intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights;
  • You may not convey any content that is libelous, obscene, pornographic, threatening, malicious, abusive, invasive of another's privacy or that violates any laws;
  • You may not impersonate any other person or act in a manner that is deceiving or fraudulent;
  • You may not employ any manual or automated means to copy information and interfere with HoopUp website or any user's account;
  • You may not take part in spamming, pyramid schemes, chain letters, or any form of advertising or marketing activities;
  • As an author you hold a copyright of the content you created. By uploading the content you authorise HoopUp Creators to publish that content on HoopUp website for unlimited periods of time and to use it in promotional and research purposes within the framework of HoopUp project.

HoopUp Creators reserve the right to modify the terms of use at any time. Your using or browsing HoopUp website after such modifications are published imply that you acknowledge to agree with the terms of use as amended.


You are solely liable for compliance with the terms of use. You are accountable for your actions and the content you generate on the HoopUp website. HoopUp Creators can not hold responsible for opinions and design made by users. If the terms of use are violated HoopUp Creators retain the right to deny access to the website, delete accounts and contents that are troublesome.

HoopUp website comprises links to other websites run by users or third parties. HoopUp Creators can not hold responsible for the content of those websites, you are linking to these websites at your own risk.


All rights reserved.
No part of HoopUp project (website, methodology and workshops) can not be copied, altered, transformed, or built upon. It can not be distributed or publicly performed without permission in writing from HoopUp Creators.
Individual content-uploads at the HoopUp website are copyright by the respective authors.

Privacy policy

During registration process at HoopUp website you are requested to provide personal information which forms your profile. Part of your profile that is public is used to present you as an author and to facilitate better understanding of content that you upload. Your contact information is confidential and its used only in cases when its needed to contact you with HoopUp service-related announcements. Those personal informations are not shared with any third parties with the only exception as may be required by law.